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Shelf Management

Organised display shelves facilitate sales in two ways: first, they look appealing and professional, encouraging customers to have trust in your store: second, they make it easier for people to identify and search the products on display, providing a convenient and satisfying shopping experience.

If you need to bring more organisation to your store, our very user friendly shelf management system is the answer. Put together your perfect display shelves complete with shelf stripping from our range of components.

Our clear shelf management dividers are hardy, stable and create adjustable areas for specific products on your shelves. Pushers manage your products by ensuring that when an item is taken, the one behind is pushed to the front. This ensures your products are constantly accessible and the older stock is always used first – vital for products that have a specific shelf-life, such as food or medical.

T-rails are compatible with most existing shelving systems, and work to keep your products in place while also providing shelf stripping so you can communicate product information as well. Our catalogue contains a wide range of t-rails in various sizes and materials, from those for wire shelving to ones with adhesive tape.

Construct your own shelf management system that,s perfect for those small items in health and beauty, or for large-scale food retail. If you need advice about what combination would be best for your needs, give us a call on 03 9763 3722 and we,ll be happy to help.