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Workplace Safety & Security

All workplaces present various safety challenges, and retail is no different. Keep your store safe for both staff and customers with our range of workplace safety equipment, from signage and mirrors to gloves.

Safety signage is important to keep both workers and patrons informed about potential hazards, and can also protect you from costly compensation claims. We provide cones and A-frames to help inform people about hazards presented by wet floors after cleaning or spills. We also feature policy signs for the purpose of informing staff and visitors about proper workplace practices.

Safety mirrors enable you to keep an eye on visitors throughout your store, extending your view to areas you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. They can also reduce risk in the storeroom, especially if your stock requires the use of a forklift for movement. Finally, if you have a car park with corners that are difficult to navigate, or that involve pulling out into busy traffic, mirrors can really help drivers to avoid hazards.

Safety gloves are essential for use in food preparation, to prevent cuts, burns, and also to preserve hygiene standards.

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