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Shopping Baskets

According to statistics, modern shoppers shop more often and buy in smaller amounts. Shopping baskets and basket stands are an essential part of the modern retail landscape, allowing customers to select and carry a range of items as they walk down aisles and shop in store. When placed at convenient locations around your shop, they can also make it easier for customers to grab items on the go. At Display Decorations, we stock a range of excellent shopping baskets wholesale to suit virtually every retail need.


At Display Decorations, we have rolling shopping baskets for sale, ideal for those who find it easier to pull their shopping behind them rather than carry it around. We also offer a selection of wire shopping baskets, as well as carry-baskets that come in two different sizes - standard and mega. Both are available in a range of colours and can be customised with your store logo to increase brand awareness and keep tabs on their travels.

We also provide a range of accessories to keep shopping baskets organised and offer further options for your shoppers. We stock trolleys that can carry two baskets, as well as various basket stands that can be placed around your store near products where customers will linger, such as birthday cards and more. We’ve got everything you need to allow your customers to freely shop as they please.


Enhance your customer’s shopping experience with our fantastic array of shopping baskets and basket stands. Contact our friendly team by calling (03) 9763 3722 or contact us online to receive more information and place an order today.