With the Campain Group, the POS-ibilities are infinite. With over 30 years of experience, we can provide you with the very best shop displays that are visually attractive and customised to your needs. Whether it's for a new product launch, a marketing campaign, an in-store promotion, or a sale on excessive stock, we can provide you with point of sale displays that will draw maximum customer attention to your products.
Extensive Experience and Resources
We're still the same retail display supplier and manufacturer we've always been with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and a truly comprehensive range of products.
Our sales team has a long history of valuable supply relationships with specialised international shop display manufacturers. Our research and development team strive to keep us cutting edge and at the forefront of current trends by sourcing and developing a wide range of new products.
Your One-Stop Shop Display Supplier, Printer and Manufacturer
From cardboard and brochure displays through to dump bins and shop displays, from Business Cards to Shop Signage, the Campain Group can provide your store with point of sale display and printing solutions that fit your timeline and budget. Our very experienced supply partners can manufacture in acrylic, metal, cardboard or plastic. We also specialise in custom manufacturing and printing to your specific requirements, including fresh food ticketing systems, personalised signage to increase brand awareness, and much more.
If there's something you need that isn't on the website, and you need a solution, give us a call. If we don't have it on the shelf, we have the resources to source and supply, both locally and overseas.
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Let us be your first choice for Point-of-Sale Displays, Printing and Manufacturing and effective Retail Display solutions. Our motto is to continue to provide outstanding customer service and offer the highest quality products at competitive and affordable prices. If you have any questions, give our friendly staff a call on 1800 DISPLAY or contact us on the form below. ..........

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