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Retail Support

Retail Support Products

No matter what they're buying or how long they're shopping for, customers always want a positive retail experience. What constitutes positive differs for everyone; for some it can be something as simple as quickly finding what they need, while others might enjoy the convenience of being able to pick up a shopping basket at the entrance or taste test the latest product being launched at the demonstration counter. Display Decorations is the home of all your essential retail support products, helping you to provide a positive shopping experience for your customers.

Demo Counters & More

Ideal for use in supermarkets, trade shows, exhibitions and other locations or events, our demonstration counters provide customers with a contact point where they can sample a new product or talk to someone about a particular product or service. Available in a variety of dimensions, we're sure to have the right demo counter to suit your requirements.

If there's one thing that every customer appreciates, it's clear and correctly printed labels and pricing tags on display. We carry an extensive range of labelling and pricing products designed to make your customer's experience all the more positive.

Shape Your Customers' Perceptions

Packaging and presentation can make or break a customer's perception of a business' product range, so it's important that you get it looking perfect. Our wide range of packaging and fastening products is designed to help you process your stock and have it displayed on the shop floor as soon as possible.

Shopping baskets are very handy for customers who don't want to push around a shopping trolley or who only have a few items to purchase. Display Decorations stocks a selection of shopping baskets for sale, allowing you to choose from a range of sizes to match your stock or the needs of your customer base.