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Which Labelling Machine Should I Choose?


There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to labelling. And with all the options that Brother has to offer, it makes it difficult to choose which is right for you.

There are several different types of Brother labelling machines:


Designed with portability in mind.

There are two different designs in this range, one intended for home and office use and the other designed with a tougher industrial environment in min


Unsurprisingly, these are designed for use on the desktop at home or in the office but with the use of batteries, they can also become portable. These models come with a larger screen and keypad, making them extremely user-friendly.

Dual Function:

These models are suitable for the desktop and are also PC Connectable. They're similar to the desktop variety but with the added benefit of being able to connect to your PC, opening up a huge range of printing applications and capabilities.

PC Connectable:

These are designed solely to be connected to your PC.They do not have a screen or keyboard as all applications are performed through your computer. However, they don't require you to download any software - just plug in and print!

There are a huge range of Brother Labelling Machines available, so whether you want to label your kids schoolbooks and lunchboxes, or print out barcodes and graphics, there's a machine that's just right for your needs.

Use this chart to follow your requirements, leading you to the best solution.

Remember, Brother are the only labellers that use the patented Laminated Labels, so the labels they produce will last the distance and stand up to the harshest treatment. So why use any other?