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Top Retail Display Predictions for 2016

When it comes to displaying products at a point of sale, it's crucial to keep up with the latest trends to ensure your store doesn't get left behind. Every year, a number of new display products emerge and old favourites can come back into favour, making it essential to stay up-to-date with recent developments.

To help you plan your POS displays in 2016, Display Decorations offers 5 hot retail display trends that are rising in popularity.

Acrylic Products

While acrylic POS displays have been used and relied on for years, they've recently seen a surge in popularity - and we predict 2016 will be their year to shine. Able to display eye-catching products with ultimate versatility, acrylic provides a stylish way of clearly presenting foods and other products.

2016 hot pick: Use Acrylic Display Tubes for a unique display that incorporates colour and creativity.

Display Cubes

The geometric shapes of these cubes offer a fantastic way to present items cleanly and clearly. Whether you choose Acrylic Cubes that allow items to be stored securely inside, or you opt for ultra-modern Display Cubes that are designed to aesthetically frame products, you can't go wrong.

2016 hot pick: Featuring modern rounded corners and available in various shapes and sizes, Display Cubes can be used to attractively display everything from shoes through to homewares.

Demonstration Counters

Increasingly, customers want to see and try products before they buy – particularly when it comes to food. For those looking to increase a food product's exposure, demonstration counters have been proven to deliver effective results. While they're often seen in supermarkets and other food stores, these counters have been popping up all over in recent times and are set to be big in 2016.

2016 hot pick: Able to be customised with your choice of graphics, message and logo, the Demonstration Counter from Display Decorations is ideal for a variety of retail environments.

Stay Up-to-Date With Display Decorations

Want to keep abreast of the latest POS display trends and developments? Get in touch with Display Decorations for expert advice and more fantastic ideas that will help you take your retail display to the next level in 2016.