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Increase Impulse Sales with Clip Strips

Clip Strips or Hang Sell Strips are great products to assist retailers and manufacturers to promote and create impulse sales.

Though these strips can be used to display merchandise on conventional shelving and other shop fittings, they can also be utilised in 'dead' areas such as shelf ends and checkouts.

This display method is typically seen in supermarkets, but is also increasingly used by hardware stores, pet stores, pharmacies, liquor shops or any business looking for a cost-effective way to increase sales.


Features and benefits of using Clip Strips:

  • Maximise the utilisation of retail selling space
    Use previously overlooked areas such as instore columns
  • Increase impulse sales
    Position merchandise at customer's eye level
  • Ideal for new product launches
    No need to find extra shelf space
  • Create a more interesting experience for customers
    Use Clip Strips to break up the monotony of row upon row of shelving.
  • Create cross selling opportunities
    For example, displaying batteries in the toy aisle or specific herbs and spices in the related packaged food aisle. Or potato chips and nuts in a bottle shop!
  • Seasonal Promotions
    Quickly respond to seasonal or other variable changes in merchandise.

Suggestions of where to use Clip Strips:

  • On the uprights of gondola shelving
  • On the edges of shelves
  • High traffic areas
  • In the refrigeration cabinets in supermarkets
  • 'Dead' areas like aisle ends
  • At the checkout
  • On columns in the store

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