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Bins and Displays for Impulse Buys - Thinking Outside The Square

FLOOR STAND WITH 4 GALVANISED BUCKETSWhen you want to boost sales of a certain product, highlighting it in an impulse buy bin is an ideal solution. Usually placed near the point of sale or in another high traffic location with high visibility, these bins are designed to grab the attention of customers and prompt them to purchase. Whether it's a high-margin product, a discounted special, or simply something that hasn't been selling as well as you'd like, impulse buy bins can help to attract interest, engage customers and increase sales.

If you love the idea of impulse bins but are looking for something a little more unique to catch customers' eyes, Display Decorations is proud to offer a wide range of fantastic options. Whether you're aiming to create a certain look and feel, or you're simply looking for a stylish alternative to traditional displays such as wire baskets and cardboard display bins, you're sure to fall in love with one of the options below:

Wicker Baskets

ROUND WICKER BASKET SET 2 OR 3 TIERWith their rustic appearance and sturdy construction, wicker baskets are ideal for storing impulse items. Display Decorations stocks several suitable options, including oval, round and rectangle wicker baskets that are held within either a two or three-tiered metal framed stand. These attractive baskets also provide a more natural look and feel, making them ideal for showcasing almost any product.

Buckets & Barrels

Buckets and barrels offer another alternative to traditional impulse buy bins. We offer a great selection to choose from, including natural wooden barrels in various sizes. From single barrels that are ideal for placing on counters, right through to our barrel floor stands that conveniently hold four barrels, we're sure to stock a suitable option for your needs. Alternatively, we also offer metal bucket floor stands that hold four durable galvanised buckets.


Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are another attractive option with a natural look and feel - and we stock a great range. From single slanted wooden crates through to larger rectangular options that are ideal for placing on the ground, these crates are a great way to store impulse items. We also offer a wooden crate set, with a powder coated metal frame containing either two or three tiers.

To learn more about any of the versatile POS display products we've listed above, get in touch with Display Decorations today. Simply give our team a call on (03) 9763 3722, or submit an enquiry through our online form.