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Putting a New Spin on Visual Merchandising

In this age of ever-increasing distraction, capturing the shopper's attention is harder than ever. It is no longer enough to rely on attractive floor and window displays. Your store must use new and innovative ways to engage all of the shopper's senses throughout the shopping experience - from the shopfront to the counter.

Below, we've listed three ways to put a spin on some tried-and-tested visual merchandising tactics, helping you to turn first-time visitors into loyal customers.

Put Your Own Spin on the Themes

Most store owners understand the importance of engaging with different holidays, whether it be Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or just the different seasons of the year. But too often, they will settle for hanging up a few baubles or maybe putting up a ‘Happy Easter' sign rather than thinking about how their store relates specifically to the theme.

Think about your store's identity and how you can use visual merchandising to tie that to the holiday. Are you targeting men or women on Mother's Day? Are you engaging children or adults at Easter? And do you sell products that could put a striking new spin on a classic Christmas display?

Finally, don't be limited by the ‘big' holidays. Think about the smaller events that may be relevant to your target market - things like the AFL Grand Final or Eurovision, for example.

Opt for Simple and Streamlined

Too many store owners think that the bigger and brighter their displays are, the more they will engage the shopper. But what they forget is that their product needs to be seen and understood to be purchased. Space is an important and often overlooked element of visual merchandising, and the result is that displays are often crammed with so much choice that shoppers become overwhelmed and simply leave the store.

Simplicity can often be just as eye-catching - if not more eye-catching - than abundance. And given that shoppers are constantly being bombarded by choice, it can also make for a refreshing and engaging change.

Be Interactive and Immersive

It's important to engage multiple senses, and a great way to do this is by making your displays interactive. This can range from having shoppers test a product through to inviting kids to try out an activity related to your product. These displays have the benefit of showing customers how your products work while at the same time making sure they have fun during their time in your store, creating positive associations for the future.

The above tactics are all becoming increasingly popular for visual merchandising, but it's still remarkable how many shops don't take advantage of the full range of benefits that can be gained. To learn more about how you can improve the visual merchandising of your store, contact Display Decorations today.