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Point of Sale Merchandising Ideas

While it is no secret that your shop display can greatly affect the success of your business, many shop owners have little knowledge of how to create an effective shop display.

At Display Decorations, we offer a wide range of point of sale merchandising ideas and display products to help get your featured products seen. These display products are effective in bringing attention to your sale items. However, it is also helpful to be aware of some key ideas that may further enhance your point of sale area.

Clear Pricing

Low-ticket impulse items and products that are on sale or promotion will benefit from being placed near the cash registers. This is because your customers are likely to be tempted by the cheaper pricing and make last minute purchase decisions. As such, it is imperative that your sale or promotional items display clear pricing. When customers can identify the price of a product at a glance, it allows for snap decisions that will lead to an impulse buy.

Provide Easy Access to the Product Being Displayed

To increase visibility of your promotional or sale items, it is important to ensure they are displayed clearly while providing easy access for customers to simply grab and go. Just as it is tempting to purchase something that is below the recommended retail price, products that have convenient access will be also be appealing, adding to the overall temptation to buy.

Another great point of sale merchandising idea is to organise your products so they are eye-catching and visually inviting. Use signage and place your items at eye level where they will be seen by customers immediately.

Theme and Space

Enhance the presence of your product at your point of sale with displays that reflect its theme. For example, use wicker baskets to display organic products or food items. It is also wise to utilise the space in your store to display your products in the best possible manner. Try to pad out your display as much as possible, and allow for easy relaying of products so that bringing stock forward and refilling can be a quick and simple task.

Once you’ve decided how you would like to display your point of sale items, be sure to the browse the range of display products at Display Decorations to obtain even more point of sale merchandising ideas.