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Exceeding Your Customers Expectations

There's a familiar saying that goes ‘always leave them wanting more', which many people have used to great effect. Jerry Seinfeld ended his 1990s television program Seinfeld while the show was still at the top of its game, claiming that he wanted to pull the pin before the audience grew tired of it. Hugh Jackman has commented that Seinfeld's approach inspired him to do the same when it came to retiring the Wolverine character.

‘Always leave them wanting more' is also applicable to the business world, particularly in the retail and services industries, though in a different way. You don't want to leave your customer base wanting more by over-promising and under-delivering, they'll just go elsewhere to get what they need. However, by doing the opposite and exceeding your customer's expectations, you can not only leave them wanting more but keep them coming back to you for more. And isn't that what every retail or service business wants? Here are four common rules about exceeding customers' expectations in the retail world and how Display Decorations can help you make that happen.

What Customers Expect of You

As it turns out, meeting the bare minimum expectations of Australian consumers isn't difficult. As long as you open on time and can offer your products and services, you're off to a decent start. But this is about exceeding customer expectations - going above and beyond their perceptions of you - so you need to start thinking on the next level.

Service Quality > Service Speed

When it comes to service, customers want quality first and speed second. If they have questions about a certain product or service, they want to know that they can be given not just the right answer but a detailed answer, even if it's not by a staff member. Brochure display products are a great way of enabling customers to gain access to information when you're either tied up with another customer or if the store has closed for the night. With a range of mobile display options that can sit anywhere in the store, as well as wall mountable holders that can be fixed to the outside of your store for after-hours foot traffic, you can potentially catch those extra customers you might not have had the chance to physically speak to. Don't forget to staple your business card to the brochure so they can contact you directly!

Connect with Your Customers

Understanding the consumer habits of your customer base and adapting to accommodate those habits is imperative to exceeding their expectations. Your competitor across the road might be open 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, like most businesses. You too may have operated by those same hours only to discover that from 9 to 10 the store is dead quiet, however there seems to be a lot of people still being served or seeking service after the doors have closed at 5pm. In this case, changing your opening hours from 9-5 to 10-6 would indicate to customers that you've connected with the way they shop and are willing to accommodate their needs. Be sure to advertise the change of hours with effective signage at the point of sale as well as at the entrance to the store.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Customers

For many people, shopping isn't just an act of necessity; it's an experience, and if the experience is positive, they're more likely to return to your store. When it comes to shopping, customers value convenience, value and comfort. Perhaps consider having shopping baskets at the entrance to your store so customers can hold the items they're buying more easily. If you're a bulk foods retailer, make sure you have enough scoops per tub and that the tubs aren't broken. Store presentation is also important. If you work in the food services industry, for example at a cafe or a restaurant, some basic decorations and embellishments can significantly elevate the atmosphere, making the experience all the more positive.

It's also important to remember that everyone's expectations are different. Achieving the bare minimum might in fact exceed the expectations of a seasoned cynic, while at the other end a person with impossibly high standards might be hard to impress. Whatever the case, with retail display products and accessories from Display Decorations, you'll certainly be putting your best foot forward.